Global 6K for Water Host Site Leader FAQS

We've done our best to cover the most common FAQs below, but please email us if you don’t find the answer you need to rock your 6K!

General World Vision and 6K for Water FAQs

Who is World Vision?

World Vision is a Christian global humanitarian organization. We are the largest, non-governmental provider of clean water in the developing world, reaching a new person with clean water every 10 seconds! Efforts include innovative projects like building and maintaining wells, solar-powered pumps, pipelines, dams and rain catchments. World Vision’s water projects also focus on improved sanitation and hygiene solutions. This includes building latrines and organizing communities to implement good habits like hand-washing or repairing wells.

Why Water?

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. But we believe the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetimes. That’s why we’re focused on providing clean water and sanitation to every man, woman, and child in every community we work in, including the most vulnerable populations in the hardest-to-reach places.

Why is this event a 6K instead of a 5K?

Six kilometers (or 3.7 miles) is the average roundtrip distance a person in the developing world must walk to find water that is often unsafe to drink. By participating in this event, you are walking/running that distance so they won’t have to. 

How much does it cost to participate?

Through World Vision’s water projects, every $50 (USD) provides life-changing clean water to one person. So your adult registration fee of $50 provides clean water to one person! And thanks to our generous donors, youth’s (18 and under) registration is $25 (USD). Each child registration will be matched by donors so their registration still provides life-changing clean water to one person.

Can my family participate?

Yes! We encourage families and children to participate in this event together. Children of all ages can register as a participant to walk or run the 6K. If your child is not independently walking/running the 6K (i.e. they’re being carried or pushed in a stroller), they do not need to register. However, if you want a bib, shirt and medal for your child, then registration is required. And you’re able to register everyone at the same time!

Why do I have a child from India, Haiti, or Honduras on my bib?

Due to the growth of the 6K, we get to expand beyond African countries! It’s a beautiful opportunity and a sign of our progress! As you might have noticed, we’ve transitioned our language from “African countries” to “developing countries” or “communities around the world”. This language has been intentional in all the 6K communications.

What is the social media hashtag for the Global 6K for Water?

Share your experience with us online! You can use the hashtags #worldvision and #6kforwater to post your photos to social media or email your photos and stories to us. Your tagged photos may be used in our recap video or other World Vision social media post and promotions.

Participant FAQs

What do participants receive in the mail and when?

Participants will receive their shirt, bib, and medal in the mail 7-10 business days after they sign up starting in mid-March. If you sign up before March, you'll be in the first wave of shipments that month!

Is this a timed race?

The Global 6K is not an officially timed race. If a participant wants to time their race, there are many popular apps they can download and use on race day!

How long does it typically take for someone to walk a 6K? And run?

It takes about 90 minutes to walk the 6K and about 30 minutes to run the 6K, but each participant is different!

Do participants have to fundraise for the Global 6K for Water?

Fundraising is an amazing way to increase your impact but it’s completely optional! Another way you can increase your impact and provide more people with clean water is by inviting your family and friends to join you at the 6K.

I received the wrong t-shirt size, what should I do?

You can update your size yourself by updating your registration or you can send an email to [email protected]. We'll work to get you a new shirt soon.

I can't find my race kit, and it's been two weeks since I signed up! What do I do?

Please email Erin on the 6K team to help you locate the race kit!

What incentives do participants earn for their fundraising?

After the Global 6K, we'll be sending you incentives for your individual fundraising! (And host site leaders can also earn these incentives through reaching participant goals!)

$100 = Global 6K orange hat
$250 = Global 6K water bottle
$500 = Global 6K socks
$750 = Global 6K crewneck sweatshirt

I'm on the wrong team. How do I move myself?

Participants can join a team or change their team membership after they register! (A participant can move him/herself, but a host site leader cannot move someone to their team automatically.) Watch this video for a quick tutorial.

How do I set up a Facebook Fundraiser?

You can set it up as part of the registration process, or by clicking on the “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” button on your fundraising dashboard.

This will take you to Facebook to complete the process. Make sure you are signed in to your own Facebook account before you finish creating your fundraiser.

Only Facebook Fundraisers created through your Donor Drive page will link up with Donor Drive. If you created a Facebook Fundraiser through Facebook directly, the funds will not sync to your fundraising page.

Click here for more information about Facebook Fundraisers.

How do I get the Global 6K app?

Our old app is going out of commission soon, but we'll have an updated one that even better integrates with your Donor Drive fundraising page. Stay tuned for release date and more instructions to come!

Registration FAQs

When is the last day to register as a Global 6K participant?

Participants in the United States must register by Monday, May 16th, to guarantee that they will receive their race kit by race day. We encourage west coast participants to sign up by Friday, May 13th, if at all possible to give us a few extra days to ship from our facility in the midwest.

Are registrations tax-deductible?

Since you are receiving a benefit from the Global 6K event experience, which includes your t-shirt and finisher medal, unfortunately, the registration fee is not considered to be tax deductible, but we can assure you that your fee is helping to bring clean water around the world. Donations, however, are tax-deductible!

One of my participants was double charged for registration. Can you refund the extra charge?

Absolutely! It might take a few business days to process. Email us the details, and we’ll get it sorted out for you!

Can team members register a family member or friend?

Yes! This is a new feature of our registration process that we’re really excited about! You can ‘add another participant’ during your own registration process, or after you’ve completed your registration form. Share the steps below to add participants after you’ve completed your registration.

Log in to TWV > go to your Global 6K page > click ‘Dashboard’ on the top of the page > on the right-hand sidebar, in the first box under ‘your fundraising’ > click ‘register another participant’

You can register up to 10 participants at a time. Log off and log back in to register more!

ALSO! Make sure to note that the registration fee will be charged to the credit card associated with the account. Example: Crystal is registering Erin. Crystal's account will get charged Erin's registration fee.

How do I submit check donations?

Begin by clicking on “Donations” in the black bar at the top of your screen (on desktop) or bottom (on mobile) once you’ve logged in to your account, then choosing “Add Offline Donation.” From here there are two steps:

1. Submit the online form. It will take up to 7 weekdays to reflect on your webpage.

2. Download the offline donation form (circled below) and mail it with the checks; more directions are on the form. This will go to our finance department, who will make sure the donations go toward our clean water projects.

Screenshot of Donation Page

I want to pay for my registration with a check. How can I do that?

Please send the check to the following address and include the following information with your name clearly printed, so we can properly process your payment. You can use this promo code ‘paidbycheck’ to register.

World Vision
Incoming Mail Center, M/S 110
PO Box 70200
Tacoma, WA 98481-0200

Team World Vision check registrations
2022 Global 6K for Water

Why does the registration form ask for email address and mailing address?

Great question! We ship 6K race day gear to the address the participant provides. We send email updates—resources for training, devotionals, and more—to participants leading up to the 6K weekend!

How do we register participants not online or that don’t have an email address?

You can print out paper registration forms from the resources page. There are two ways to complete registration from there:

1. Best this virtual year: The participant can fill out the form, write a check out to you to pay for their registration, and then once you deposit their check, you can register them online using the information they provided. Instructions to register others found in question "Can team members register family and friends?" above.

2. The participant can fill out the form, write a check to World Vision with memo line "Global 6K registration", and then you can register them using the information on the form and promo code "paidbycheck" to register. You can then send the check to the address listed above. NOTE: If you would like the credit for the registrations to show up on your page, please follow instructions for submitting check donations above.

Please note that due to pandemic-related office closures and delays option 1 would be best for quick registration. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

How do I make someone on my team a Co-Captain?

A new feature for the 2022 Global 6K is the ability to select an Adult 6K team member to be a co-captain alongside you as Host Site Leader. Once you are registered as a Host Site Leader and have started your team, have your co-captain register as a normal Adult 6K participant type. Then follow the below directions:

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click on Dashboard in the black bar, then click on "Your Team Fundraising"

3. Scroll down until you see the "Your Team" section (on the right side on desktop or below the main content on mobile) and click on "Change Member Roles"

4. Click on the pencil icon next to the person's name who you want to make a co-captain

5. Choose Co-Captain and then click "Change Role"

It is recommended that the person who registers as the Host Site Leader remains the main captain so please do not change the participant to Captain unless you absolutely need to. This will keep team data running smoothly for all involved. Thank you!

Hosting FAQs

How do I submit offline donations?

Log in to TWV > go to your Global 6K page > click ‘donations’ on the top of the page > select ‘add offline donation’

What is World Vision's tax ID number?


What is the difference between a Physical, a Hybrid, and a Virtual team?

There are three team types for the 2022 Global 6K that you choose from upon registration: Physical, Virtual, or Hybrid. Choose Physical if you ONLY plan to have an in-person event (according to your local guidelines and CDC recommendations). Choose Virtual if you plan for your event to be all Virtual (everyone participating from wherever they are) or Hybrid (some people in person and some people virtual). 

Note: we are shipping medals directly to all participants so if you are meeting in person, you will want to remind your folks who attend in person to bring their medals with them to wear after the race.

Can't remember which team type you chose when you registered or want to switch? Email [email protected].

What comes in my Host Site Launch Kit and when do I get it?

Lite kit: 25 postcards, 2 posters, 1 foam board, planning guide
Full kit: all of the above + t-shirt and medal samples

Launch kits begin shipping in early winter, and you'll receive yours when you have 5 participants registered on your team.

Why do I have a personal fundraising page and a team page?

Great question! Every participant who registers for the 6K gets a personal fundraising page (which is totally optional, but you can update with your personal appeal). Since you registered as a host site leader, you also have a team page for your event, which you should update with any special instructions for your team.

Can we get a list of upcoming promo codes for 6K registrations?

Unfortunately, since we work with donors to secure promo codes for the Global 6K, we don't know in advance about the date or amount of promo codes. We will do our VERY best to update host site leaders as soon as we get the good news!

My location is requesting insurance for my event. Does World Vision help with that?

We can totally help! Please fill out this form and our insurance team will send your COI within two weeks.

What are the host site reward levels?

The incentive levels are based on both your team’s fundraising and participant numbers, whichever is higher:

$25 = $1,000 raised or 20 team members
$50 = $2,500 raised or 50 team members
$100 = $5,000 raised or 100 team members
$175 = $10,000 raised or 200 team members
$225 = $25,000 raised or 300 team members
$350 = $50,000 raised or 1,000 team members

And don’t forget, the deadlines to earn credits happen on March 1, April 1 and May 1. You can use your credit on the 6K store as you get it or save it to use all at once! We advise you to use your credit by May 14 to make sure you receive the goodies before race day.

How do I see the roster for my event?

We’ve got you covered! Check out this video.

The Global 6K date doesn't work for me. Can I still host a team?

Fill out this form to host your 6K on a different date. We are able to accommodate any dates starting 4 weeks before the global date and two weeks after. (April 23 - June 4, 2022) We will be in touch close to your event date to coordinate.

A few other things to note about hosting the 6K on a different date:

(a) All resources (website, postcard, posters, etc.) provided by WV will still display the global May 21st date.
(b) You can download resources without the global date to print via our Host Site Hub after you register.
(c) All WV communication (emails, social media) to participants will include the global May 21st date.
(d) It's your responsibility to communicate with those attending your site the date you choose to host your 6K!

How do I find or update the link to my team's page?

-Log in to your Global 6K account, and make sure you’re under the 2022 Global 6K on your dashboard.
-Click on the “Your Team Fundraising” tab, and then click on “View your Team Page” on the right hand menu.
-Once on your team page, click on “Settings” in the blue bar.
-Scroll down a bit to where it says “Page Link” and you’ll find your team link to copy and paste to share!
-To change your link: Click on “Customize”. Type in what you would like that last bit or your new URL to be and hit “Save Changes”. You can use your team name or whatever you would like! Your new shorter URL will then show up and you can share it for others to use!