Fundraiser + Donor FAQs

It's easier than ever to integrate your Team World Vision fundraising page with Facebook Fundraisers. Get started today!


Q: How do I set up a Facebook Fundraiser?

A: It's simple! You can set it up as part of the registration process, or by clicking on the “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” button on your fundraising dashboard.

This will take you to Facebook to complete the process. Make sure you are signed in to your own Facebook account before you finish creating your fundraiser.

Only Facebook Fundraisers created through your Donor Drive page will link up with Donor Drive. If you created a Facebook Fundraiser through Facebook directly, the funds will not sync to your fundraising page.

Q: I created a Facebook Fundraiser via my fundraising page, but I need to deactivate it. How can I deactivate my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: Log in to the Fundraiser Portal > select Your Page > select the Settings tab > under Facebook Fundraiser, select End Now. After End Now has been selected, you have the option to create a new Facebook Fundraiser.

Q: How can I view my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: The Fundraiser should appear on your Facebook wall or you can click on "View my Facebook Fundraiser" on the right side of your TWV fundraising page dashboard.

Q: What happens when someone donates to my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: When someone donates on your Facebook Fundraiser, their donation will count toward your fundraising goal on our website. Fundraising progress (total raised) and your fundraising goal will always be in sync between Facebook and our website.

Q: What happens when I change my goal on my fundraising page?

A: Whenever you change your goal on our fundraising website or on your Facebook Fundraiser, the fundraising goal will be synced so that both pages show the same fundraising goal.

Q: Why didn't the photos and text formatting from my fundraising page show up on my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: Facebook Fundraisers allows us to sync plain-text only. Any images, videos, or other rich content on the “My Story” tab on your fundraising page will be stripped out when syncing the content to Facebook, but you can add photos and videos directly to your fundraiser on Facebook.

Q: Can I edit the photo/story that shows up on my newsfeed?

A: Yes. The initial content will flow from whatever you have on your TWV fundraising page, but it is plain-text only. To add photos, videos, etc. you can upload directly to the fundraiser on Facebook, however this rich content will NOT sync back to your TWV fundraising page.

Q: How can I thank someone who donates to my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: Share your thanks directly on Facebook! You can post in your Facebook Fundraiser or on your wall, or send them a Facebook Message to say thanks. Here's a simple post you can copy and paste:

Thank you so much for supporting my race with Team World Vision. Your generous gift has helped provide life-changing clean water for vulnerable kids around the world!

Q: How will I know when someone donates to my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: You will receive a notification email from Donor Drive with a link to thank your donor on Facebook. 

Q: Will I know the name of the person who donated to my Facebook Fundraiser?

A: Any donation through Facebook Fundraisers will show up on your TWV fundraising page as "Facebook Donor." The name of the donor might show up on your Facebook Fundraiser, but it depends on the donor's privacy settings on Facebook.

Q: Someone donated to me on Facebook. Why can't I see their name or email address?

A: Facebook users may opt not to share their email address. We recommend thanking them from your Facebook Fundraiser page or by commenting/posting on Facebook. Once you've thanked your donors, you can mark each donor as "thanked" on your fundraising page on our website.


Q: When I set up a Facebook Fundraiser through my fundraising page, where are the donations processed?

A: Your Facebook friends are donating directly through Facebook. Their gifts will be transmitted from Facebook to World Vision, but the donated amounts will sync and be recorded on your TWV fundraising page. TWV fundraising pages will not change in purpose—you can use these as you always have by sharing the link to your page.

Q: Is Facebook using any of the funds?

A: As of October 31, 2023, Meta no longer covers donation payment processing fees for donations to support nonprofits in the United States. These donations will now incur a payment processing fee of 1.99% + $0.49 USD from a third-party payment processing partner. Donors will have the option to help cover the processing fees as a way for their donation to go farther.

Q: I donated on Facebook. How do I get my receipt?

A: Your receipt was issued by Facebook and sent via email. You will need to fill out this form to get another copy of your receipt. We cannot issue receipts for donations made on Facebook.

Q: I donated on Facebook. How do I get a refund?

A: You will have to fill out this form for any refund requests for donations made on Facebook. We cannot issue refunds for donations made on Facebook.