Ran 100 miles his first day on staff in 2011. Blowing up the race industry on behalf of the poor as the Team World Vision Events Director.   

Running with Team World Vision since: 2008
Favorite Race Distance: Doesn't matter as long as I get a medal!
Shoes of Choice: Mizunos
Pre-run Snack: Pretty much any junk food, especially Oreos.
Fundraiser Type: The Jack of All Trades and The Party Animal


What do you listen to while you run?

Spotify has changed my life! My runs have become deep diving musical sessions with everything from hits from the 90's to musicals like Les Mis and Hamilton to my favorite playlist: New Music Fridays.

What's the one thing you can't live without on a run?

My GPS watch - if I'm not getting credit by tracking my distance why would I run?!

What was your first race ever and what was it like? 

I've now run over 35 races that are marathon distance or longer, but my first marathon back in 2008 was the very hardest. If you've only done one marathon, you need to sign up for your second! You'll soon find that the first one is the hardest because your body learns!