Quit his new teaching job one-week in when he heard God calling him to grow Team World Vision in the Twin Cities in 2010. Now keeping the Team World Vision gears turning as the Operations Manager.   

Running with Team World Vision since: 2006
Favorite Race Distance: Half Ironman
Shoes of Choice: Mizunos Wave Runner
Pre-run Snack: Usually nothing, but if I'm running more than an hour I have oatmeal and co
Fundraiser Type: Blast & Beggar - I text everyone I know individually.


If you could watch a move while running, what would it be?

Probably something with great dance music like Step Up or You Got Served. These aren't my favorite movies, but they've got that positive energy you need to run for hours on end!

How do you recharge? 

Reading theology! I know that sounds crazy, but the more I grasp the truth of the gospel, the more I realize that participating with TWV is gospel behavior. Every time I deepen my understanding of the gospel, I find greater depth in my experiences with TWV. 

What's your most embarrassing running story?

My first half marathon! I signed up because my younger had and I can obviously do anything my little brother can do! He trained. I did not. On race day, I came out the gate like a rocket but was dead by mile 5. I had to walk the rest of the race in 90 degree heat! Me = humbled.

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