Volunteer full-time for Team World Vision before there's a job? Check. Move to a new city to start Team World Vision? Check. Comrades Marathon? Check. She laughs in the face of fear. And she leads the East Coast teams accordingly.   


Running with Team World Vision since: 2009
Favorite Race Distance: Full marathon
Shoes of Choice: Asics Kayano
Pre-run Snack: A bagel with peanut butter and a banana. 
Fundraiser Type: The Jack of All Trades and Legacy.


How do you recharge? What do you do so you can keep going strong for TWV?

I respect a weekly Sabbath and don't let TWV touch it! I also try to have a monthly desert day away from any hustle and bustle and try to get away for a solitude retreat once a year. These times of rest help me come back refreshed, recharged, and with a renewed heart.

What's your most embarrassing race story? 

I had just finished a tough, hot, and hilly 56 mile bike ride in a triathlon. With my muscles shot and my brain a pile of mush, I hit the brakes so I could transition to running. As I began to dismount, I realized I'd forgotten to clip out of my pedals! My bike and I toppled over in front of hundreds of spectators. 

What was your first race ever and what was it like? 

My first race was the 2009 Chicago Marathon. It was electric! I had started sponsoring my first child just the night before and had pinned a photo of his beautiful face to my jersey. Looking down at him every mile of the race got me through it! I got to meet him in South Africa two years later and present him with my medal. 

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