With a disco ball in the trunk of his car, he's always ready for a Team World Vision party. Bringing the fun to Team World Vision teams in Chicago, Kenya, and beyond since 2014.   


Running with Team World Vision since: 2010
Favorite Race Distance: Full marathon
Shoes of Choice: Nike Lunar Glide
Pre-run Snack: Coffee and a little rice cake with jam!
Fundraiser Type: The Party Animal


What do you listen to while you run?

I'm a big fan of Hillsong's worship music, but I'll also run to Michael Jackson, David Bowie, or The Beatles. It all depends on how far I'm running, what kind of day it is, and what sort of mood I'm in!

How do you recharge? What do you do so you can keep going strong for TWV? 

I love to get away into the mountains, go climbing in the gym, or just go for a walk. Having that space to be quiet and hear from God always recharges my soul. 

What's your most embarrassing running story? 

In 2013, I moved to Kenya and ran the Ndakaini 21k. I came in dead last with a bundle of bananas over my shoulder. I soon learned that the race had been nationally televised! 

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