Running with Team World Vision since: 2014
Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon
Shoes of Choice: Saucony Glide
Pre-run Snack: A sweet potato with rice.
Fundraiser Type: The Jack of All Trades.


What do you listen to while you run?

I'm all about podcasts, but only during the last few miles of a long run. Some of my favorites are Radiolab, The RobCast, and The TED Radio Hour.

How do you recharge? What do you do so you can keep going strong for TWV?

I love spending time reading or journaling at my favorite coffee shop, Lyon Street Cafe.

What was your first race ever and what was it like? 

The Chicago Half Marathon was my first race ever. I ran with my sister. It was hot, there were bees swarming us most of the way, and we were slooooow! But we encouraged each other along the way, finished the race, and had a good cry together at the finish line. 

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