Only staff to run her event's race course (Twin Cities Marathon) NOT on race day. Leading teams in the Twin Cities since 2014.   

Running with Team World Vision since: 2010
Favorite Race Distance: Full Marathon
Shoes of Choice: Asics GT2000
Pre-run Snack: I normally don't drink beer or pop, but I always drink one beer the night before a race and a Coke on the morning of. 
Fundraiser Type: The Legacy and the Blast and Beggar.


What aspect of fundraising are you exceptionally good at?

I'm great at telling my story through social media. This gently and consistently brings people into your training journey with subtle reminders of why I run. This isn't the only way I fundraise - social media alone doesn't work - but I've figured out the best way to maximize it.

What's the one thing you can't live without on a run?

Clothes! I just won't run without 'em. 

What's your most embarrassing running story? 

Probably my first 50K in 2016. I signed up without reading any of the details. So I showed up at the wrong location on race day; didn't bring a headlamp, which would have been very helpful for the race's dark start; and quickly learned the race course was a very hilly trail. I hadn't trained for that! It was a really long day. 

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