Fueled solely by Oreos, Cheetos, Reese's, and Jesus, Alyssa has been starting and leading teams in the Midwest since 2016.

Running with Team World Vision since: 2016
Favorite Race Distance: A full marathon, but who knows how much farther we will go together!
Shoes of Choice: Mizunos
Pre-run Snack: Toast with peanut butter.
Fundraiser Type: The Jack of All Trades


What's the one thing you can't live without on a run?

I cannot live without water on my runs. I always carry it and panic if I don't have it. It always reminds me of our mission to run so that others can have water!

What's your most embarrassing running story?

When a toad jumped out in front of me on a nighttime run and I basically bulldozed the person next to me to jump away from it!

What was your first race ever and what was it like? 

The 2016 Chicago Marathon. It was the second best day of my life after getting married! It was such a fun day and being proud of my fundraising made those tough miles much sweeter. 

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