What Type of Fundraiser Are You?


You took the quiz, the results are in, you know your Team World Vision Fundraising Type! Now comes the fun part. Read on for tips, tricks, best practices, and success stories designed specifically to get you in your fundraising element.




The Nervous Nelly

You may be nervous but you can still pack a fundraising punch! Tap into your brave side without inducing anxiety by picking up a pen and paper or sending a few emails. There's a good chance you're a relational person, so ask one or two people to meet you for coffee and walk them through a mini slideshow or short video explaining why you're running! Here are two solid videos that are a good place to start:
The Journey  This Water is Beautiful

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The Plan of Attack-er

You know the drill, the name of the game is working backwards. Start with your goal: how many kids do you want to provide with clean water? Through World Vision's community development model, $50 provides clean water to one person, so multiply your number of kids by $50 and you have your fundraising goal! Next, you might consider dividing that number by months or weeks until the race to get an idea of benchmark goals. At our TWV office we often talk about a tool called Oikos Mapping. Educate yourself and make your own Oikos map! It's a great place to start.

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Lauren Ashley Brian



The Math Nerd

You know better than anyone that numbers, yes numbers, can elicit deep emotion. Here are a few to get you started: 663 Million People on the planet don't have access to clean water. 6 kilometers is the average distance people in Africa walk for water that is unsafe to drink. Through World Vision, $50 provides clean water to one person.

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For Michael's 28th birthday he did a 28K training run and asked friends and family to donate $28 with a goal of raising $2,800 in one day. It worked!



The Blast & Beggar

You love social media, and most people probably love following your profiles. Fight the urge to blast without planning, and take a moment to put together a mini social strategy. Build upon your story! Share videos, photos, factoids, and sweaty selfies. Treat personalized "thank you" posts as another opportunity to link to your fundraising page! If you have a significant following, there's a good chance you also have friends with significant followings. Ask them to share on your behalf!

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Carrie Alyssa Michael Bradley Sinead Don



The Creative

It's simple: do what you love, for clean water. Find a venue willing to donate space and set up a gallery show with your own art/friends art, charging a fee at the door. Knit scarves and sell them. Sell prints of your photos. Write or record a song and give people a free download when they donate. Host a calligraphy class and charge people a donation. You get the idea. Now go forth and create!

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Betsy Michael Julie



The Entrepreneur

You've got ideas on ideas. You know what people want and you naturally see gaps and trends in a wide range of industries, so start a mini social enterprise! One person did landscaping for people and sent them to her fundraising page for payment! A retired personal financial planner consulted people at his former rate, but considered all funds a donation! This is your chance to test one of those ideas that's been knocking around in your noggin.

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Josh Anton



The Deal Closer

Start by making a list of everyone you know who you think might be able to donate to your fundraising goal. Then, send them a personal message inviting them over for dinner or out for coffee. The key here is being direct. Pray, and write down a dollar amount you'd like to ask them to donate, and don't back down. Be bold and let them see your heart!

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Michael Anton



The Party Animal

You're the host with the most. You have the gift of hospitality and gathering people together, which can definitely come in handy when it comes to fundraising! Melissa hosted a "Wine to Water" wine tasting party and charged a $50 cover for guests. Carrie hosted an emoji costume party with a cover charge. Rusty hosted a pizza-taste-test party to scientifically determine the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Get creative and invite away!

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Carrie Rusty Greg Anton



The Great Gatsby

Deep pockets - you've got 'em, which means you can probably dream big. Imagine providing an entire family, community, or region with clean water! Let this film inspire you: How World Vision Works. You also likely know others with resources, so don't be afraid to ask them. Consider opportunities like corporate matching and end-of-year gifts!



The One-Upper

You are where fun and competitiveness meet, and people gravitate towards you for it! Greg hosted a slip-and-slide competition complete with a scoreboard. Sam hosted an NCAA bracket pool with all buy-ins being donations to his fundraising page. Lauren and Alex created a baby pool for friends and family to guess the gender and birth day of their baby. The options are endless - get your scoreboard ready!

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Greg Lauren Brian



The Legacy

You dream BIG and you think often about how you will be remembered. Don't lose sight of that, even when your goal seems unachievable! Last year we had nearly 200 people hit Legacy status and this year's numbers are on track to surpass last year. Many successful Legacy Club members add some form of "fairy dust" or special meaning to their campaign. Tim combined his fundraising with his 50th birthday. Berg celebrated the one-year-anniversary of a serious hospitalization. Lyndsey and George fundraised and trained together leading up to their wedding. Greg and Carrie dedicated their race to their Mom. What's your personal fairy dust? Then take a look at all of the other fundraising types and jot down a few things that stand out to you. Why not try them all!

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Michael Johnny Carrie Sinead Tim Anton



The Jack of All Trades

Mix and match. Double dip. Spice things up. You can't be confined by a label! Maybe you're a Creative-Nervous-Nelly and you set up an Etsy shop or write fundraising letters on beautiful watercolored paper? Or maybe you're a Deal-Closing-Party-Animal and you need to ask your favorite pizza joint to donate a percentage of one day's profit to your fundraising page! The sky is the limit. 

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