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We were created for relationships - to be in community with God, with each other, and especially with those who need our help. World Vision's Global Sponsorship Sunday is an easy and impactful way to bring people inside and outside of your church together to help children in need. Register your church, today!

What is Global Sponsorship Sunday?

Global Sponsorship Sunday is on May 7, 2017—the day after the Global 6K for Water. It’s a day to both CELEBRATE and INVITE: celebrate the lives changed through the 6K with your congregation and community, and an opportunity to invite those who didn’t walk or run to sponsor a child. 

Why pastors are joining in this great calling.


"As we seek to express Jesus love and truth around the world, we've found World Vision to be a terrific partner. They have the heart, experience, expertise, and scope to help break the destructive force of poverty that enslaves so many. Most importantly, they are committed to doing it in the name of Jesus and in partnership with the local church." 

Pastor Brad Powell, Northridge Church


"World Vision and our Newsong family have formed a strong alliance to go to the darkest and hardest places to love. We know we’re better together than by ourselves." 

Dave Gibbons, Founder of Newsong Church


How does it work?

Whether you want to do an easy 5 minute announcement on that Sunday or focus the whole service on it, we've got you covered with all the resources that you will need, we may also be able to send someone from World Vision's staff to your Global Sponsorship Sunday - let us know if you're interested when you register!

Then on the Global 6K Race Day - Saturday, May 6th, invite all your participants (even the non-church members) to Church the next day on Global Sponsorship Sunday because you want to celebrate them and what they were a part of. Then watch what God does! 


Register Your Church for Global sponsorship Sunday 

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Everything you need for powerful weekend services

When you sign-up for Global Sponsorship Sunday, we'll equip you with resources like a planning guide, sponsorship table set-up, bulletin inserts, videos and more!


Church All-Star

When San Ramon Presbyterian Church hosted the Global 6K for Water, they did so as an outreach tool their community. They challenged their congregation to not just invite anyone to the event but to intentionally invite people they knew who were far from God. It was bold ask, but it ignited the church like never before. On race day, San Ramon Presbyterian, a church of 100 members, had over 250 people on their campus to walk/run the Global 6K!

As people crossed the finish line they received a special invitation from their host site leader and the pastor to join them for Global Sponsorship Sunday the following day. That Sunday, hundreds joined in at service and celebrated lives changed through the 6K, they showed pictures, shared stories and applauded for those who participated. The message is given that Sunday centered around Christ's call to serve and help the poor. The congregation was encouraged to open their hearts and families to a child in need, sponsoring a child along with people all over the world being asked to do the same to make that weekend one of the biggest weekends of impact ever. 


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