How World Vision Works

Learn how World Vision works in 4 key steps.

World Vision WASH Work Overview 2023

Take a closer look at our work in 2023.

Healthcare Facilities in Niger

World Vision is a global leader in working with rural health clinics.



Meet Violet, an extraordinary little girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. 

Mother & Child Health

A solution that is saving lives.

A Mother & Her Child

Sylvia shares how a simple thing like clean water has given hope to her and her family. 

UNC Water Institute Study

A recent study found that World Vision's water wells last longer.

Team World Vision 

This Water is Beautiful

Shown in theaters, summer of 2013 alongside Spirit of the Marathon II

When the Church Activates

Why not come together to change our world?

What Do You Run For?

The highest viewed Team World Vision video of all time. See why people run.

Fundraising Advice

Get great advice from some successful fundraisers.

Training Advice

Get great advice from some seasoned marathoners.

This is Personal

In addition to clean water, Team World Vision invites athletes to make it even more personal through Child Sponsorship.

Water is Life

TWV 2022 National Launch Video

I Am Because We Are

LA Marathon Rally Clap