Stories of Transformation

Beacon Church

Beacon Church in New York hosted the Global 6K for Water in 2017 with a clear vision and enthusiasm to equip all of their members to use the 6K as any easy discipleship ask. Through consistent in-service announcements and by encouraging members to invite friends, family and coworkers who didn’t attend their church, Beacon inspired 95 people to walk and run the Global 6K, raising over $7,500 for clean water!

The next day, they extended their weekend of outreach by hosting a Celebration Sunday and invited everyone (even those who weren’t church members) to their services to celebrate the lives changed through the Global 6K. During the service, the Head Pastor recognized everyone who walked 6K and invited those who didn’t to increase the impact by sponsoring a child. They received over 30 sponsorships and welcomed dozens of new visitors. Beacon Church created a movement and a weekend of impact that their congregation won’t soon forget!

San Ramon Presbyterian Church

When San Ramon Presbyterian Church hosted the Global 6K for Water, they did so as an outreach tool their community. They challenged their congregation to not just invite anyone to the event but to intentionally invite people they knew who were far from God. It was bold ask, but it ignited the church like never before. On race day, San Ramon Presbyterian, a church of 100 members, had over 250 people on their campus to walk/run the Global 6K!

As people crossed the finish line they received a special invitation from their host site leader and the pastor to join them for Celebration Sunday the following day. That Sunday, hundreds joined in at service and celebrated lives changed through the 6K, they showed pictures, shared stories and applauded for those who participated. The message is given that Sunday centered around Christ's call to serve and help the poor. The congregation was encouraged to open their hearts and families to a child in need, sponsoring a child along with people all over the world being asked to do the same to make that weekend one of the biggest weekends of impact ever.

Faith Community Church of Hopkinton

Mike Laurence, the Head Pastor of Faith Community Church of Hopkinton, had such a blast participating in the 2016 Global 6K with his family that he decided to invite his entire church into the experience in 2017. Led by their Outreach Director Josh Morrison, the FCCH Global 6K blew everyone’s expectations with 650 walkersand runners from their congregation of 800 members.

How did they do it? Pastor Mike made a direct ask to the church and set a clear goal of 500 participants, while Pastor Josh created a grassroots movement within the congregation that created excitement around the event, using the materials provided by World Vision. Of the 650 participants, 75 had no connection to the church and the Global 6K was their first point of contact! FCCH raised nearly $60,000 for clean water and changed the lives of people globally and locally.

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