Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday is on May 20, 2018—the day after the Global 6K for Water.

It’s a day to both CELEBRATE and INVITE: celebrate the lives changed through the 6K with your congregation and community, and an opportunity to invite all participants (even non-church members) to church the next day.

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How Does Celebration Sunday Work?

On the Global 6K race day—Saturday, May 19th—invite all your participants (even the non-church members) to church the next day. Celebrate your participants and what they were a part of, and then watch what God does! This is also a great opportunity to invite those from your church who didn't participate in the Global 6K the opportunity to sponsor a child. Whether you want to do a 5-minute announcement or focus the entire service, we've got you covered with all the resources that you will need.

We may be able to send someone from World Vision's staff to your Celebration Sunday to talk about the global impact of the event and child sponsorship. Let us know if you're interested when you register!

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