Your Church + The Global 6K 

Your church is called to do great things, both locally and globally. The Global 6K for Water
opens the door for family, friends, classmates, and colleagues outside your church to see the transformation
Jesus offers by providing clean water to children in need. Here’s what you can expect to see in your church
and community when you host the Global 6K for Water.



How It Works 

When you walk or run the Global 6K, you provide life-changing clean water to one person in need -
how cool is that? You can create an even bigger impact when you host a 6K in
your community - learn how it works below:




What Churches Are Saying 

We love 6K host site leaders! Check out what people just like you have to say about how
easy and impactful it is to host the Global 6K for Water. 


Watch the Video

The Global 6K for Water is an easy invitation for your congregation to give to family, friends, neighbors,
and co-workers. It meets people where they are and connects with individuals who have never
set foot in your building. Check out this video about the outreach impact of the global 6K




Celebration Sunday

Keep the impact going with Celebration Sunday the day after your 6K. On race day, invite church
members and non-members to come and be celebrated at services on Sunday and we'll provide you with an
awesome lobby experience and celebration kit! This is the day to maximize your local outreach, open the doors
of your church, and continue your church's impact by inviting everyone into sponsoring a child in need.  





Need more info?

Join us for a short online info session where you'll get to meet Lou Runyan, the 6K host site coach.
She'll give an overview of how it all works, and you can ask any questions you may have. This
is a great way to learn more about the Global 6K or to cast the vision of a Global 6K in your
community to others on your team. Choose a date and time to attend below. 

Host Site Coach Lou

Meet Coach Lou, your Global 6K Host Site Coach! She'll join you online for this info session and explain just how easy hosting a 6K in your community is, and walk alongside you as you prepare for your event! Feel free to reach out to her with any questions.



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