MAY 16, 2020

Your Church + The Global 6K


Your church is called to do great things for the Kingdom, both locally and globally! When your church hosts the Global 6K for Water, you open the door for friends, family and anyone in your community outside your church to see the transformation Jesus offers by providing clean water to children in need.

Join us online for a digital meet and greet to learn more on what you can expect to see in your church and community when you host the Global 6K for Water.






What is the Global 6K?



The Global 6K for Water is a worldwide run, walk or roll event that provides life changing clean water to those in need. Host sites like your church bring people together for this transformational experience.

Why 6K? 6K is the average distance women and children walk for water in the developing world – water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. When your church and community comes together, each person that walks or runs the 6K provides clean water for one person in need.









Say Hello to Josh

Meet Josh Morrison, your Global 6K Host Site Coach!

He has open time slots every week to talk about hosting a 6K in your community and walking alongside you as you prepare for your event. He'll share tips, tricks, resources and answer any questions you may have to help get you from start to celebrate!





Hear from Ashley

Race director Ashley Colquitt Finley was recently interviewed by Chris Johnson (CPN) and talks about her own experiences with the Global 6K. She gives a brief history about the program and shares how it transforms the lives of everyone involved.




Visit our FAQs section for answers on questions we get often.

Send us an email if there's something specific you'd like to ask.





How it Works?


Pick a Leader – choose a 6K point person at your church. Join an informational webinar or sign up to be a host site today! After they register, they’ll work with the World Vision team to launch and plan your church’s 6K.


Plan and Launch – We’ll send everything you need like sample (bib, tshirt, medal) and promo (poster, cards, videos, social) materials and more! There's also an online leader's hub with tons of info. As always, our awesome team will coach you through every step of the way.


Walk/Run 6K – On May 16th gather your church and community to walk or run 6K. You’ll join thousands of others worldwide making a huge impact by bringing clean water to thousands in need.


Celebrate – Invite those who walked or ran to your church to celebrate the impact together.




Local Outreach



The Global 6K extends your church's spiritual presence beyond church walls and makes your community an extension of your church.


Family Fun



The entire family can participate and it's a great teaching tool for parents. We've had participants ranging in ages from 1 to 89!

Family Fun


Global Impact



The Global 6K rallies the larger church body of believers on the same day around a unified goal to create global impact.




What Churches are Saying

I LOVED having a part in reaching the world with clean water through the Global 6K! Hope to be a part next year too! Thanks!
- Roxie [Helena, MT]

Despite everything you can imagine going wrong , it did including cold and rain on day of race and our picnic lunch after. Yet Praise God he still heard our Prayers! He met us in the rain. He was with us! People still came! Children and all it was an amazing day!!
- Melody [East Hampton, CT]

This was my third year for both the 6k and Half LA Marathon. You are never too old as I will be 66 in a month.This year my 12 year old granddaughter did the 6k in Illinois with a group from her church while I did mine in California. That was special.
- Judith [Whitier, CA]

I had an amazing time and can't wait to continue this every year!! I love this and its for a great cause.
- Leslie [Placerville, CA]

It was crazy to imagine walking that, and carrying water also every day, I ran without water and was really tired by the end of it. I felt very happy that I had changed some ones life by just walking once what they walk every day.
- Anna [Bend, OR]

World Vision does an amazing job of making this event happen and the staff is so good at what they do! Kudos to all!
- Megan [Sioux City, IA]



Ready to Start?


Let's Get My Church Signed Up!


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Need More Information?


Pick a time to learn more about Global 6K with Coach Josh.




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