Youth Resources

Start by downloading the World Vision Global 6K Youth Exploration Guide!

You can click through the resources provided in the pdf or find all the resources you need for the activities in the guide on this page. The guide, videos, stories, and activities will help your kids learn more about the importance of clean water, and make the 6K a memorable learning opportunity.

Lesson #1: The Need for Clean Water

WATCH: Marie's Story 
Downloadable version: click here

ORDER: The Water Princess

READ: UN Water Statistics

READ: Carrying Water Can be a Pain in the Neck

READ: What’s in the Water Will Make You Sick

Lesson #2: How Clean Water Helps a Community

READ: Ireen's story

WATCH: World Vision Video: Dear Water

READ: Clean Water Makes Evelyn’s Future Bright

EXTERNAL RESOURCE: How Access to Safe Water Reduces Poverty

WATCH: Community Lifted out of Poverty

Lesson #3: What World Vision is Doing

READ: Esther's story

EXPLORE: World Vision’s Clean Water Approach

EXPLORE: What You Need to Know about the Global Water Crisis

READ: How World Vision Provides Access to Clean Water around the World

Lesson #4: Clean Hands

WATCH: How to Wash Your Hands

ACTIVITY: Build Your Own Tippy-Tap

READ: How to Wash Your Hands

WATCH: Handwashing Song

Lesson #5: How Far is 6K, Anyway?

WATCH: Cheru's Journey

WATCH: Kamama's Journey

READ: Compare two 5-year-olds’ walk for water

READ: Cheru's community gets clean water!


Lesson #6: Your 6K Experience

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