Spirituality of Fundraising

Living, Running, and Fundraising


This running season, we are inviting you to go on a journey to discover how to more effectively live, run, and fundraise from that deep and powerful place of the heart. Your guide will be the writings of Henri Nouwen in "A Spirituality of Fundraising." But in these sessions, we hope to take you beyond the pages to an even deeper place of thought and reflection that just might change your training, your fundraising, and your day-to-day living.


May 26th: Foundations of the Heart – Relational Love

June 9th: Living, Running, and Fundraising as Ministry

July 7th: Finding Security in the Midst of Fear

August 4th: The Freedom of a Vision

September 1st: Living, Running, and Fundraising as Community

September 29th: God’s Love for the Ordinary and Unexpected

*All sessions begin at 7:30 PM CST and will be roughly 30 minutes

These sessions will walk us through a book entitled “A Spirituality of Fundraising” Workbook Edition by Henri Nouwen. If you need a copy, you can get one here. As a thank you for taking part in these sessions, we are happy to buy you a copy. You can also let us know if you already have a copy or if you would like to buy your own.


Rev. Tim Hoekstra works part time for World Vision and has travelled extensively to many countries in Africa. He ran 15 straight Chicago Marathons, raising $250,000 for clean water. He is the author of a book of devotions entitled, "Miles to Run Before We Sleep," a book of 26 meditations on developing a lifestyle of justice written after he had run 50 miles on the day of the 2009 Chicago Marathon in honor of his 50th birthday. Starting at 2 AM, he ran 23.8 miles to the start of the Chicago marathon and then ran the Chicago marathon to complete the 50 miles. Through that run, he raised over $50,000 for clean water.

Tim and Laura Hoekstra

Tim has been an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church of North America for 36 years. He continues to serve as the pastor of Sub-Urban Life Community Church in the west suburbs of Chicago, a church he founded and has served for 31 years. He and the church are deeply involved in racial justice issues in the Austin Neighborhood of Chicago. He also serves as a Chicago urban leadership coach for his denomination and mentors college students every spring as they intern in Chicago through a program called Chicago Semester.

Tim has been married to Laura for 39 years and has three children and 8 grandchildren. He loves to read, to go camping, and loves running about 4-8 miles (and then he begins to hate running when he has to go any further).


We cannot wait to see what these sessions do for our running, our fundraising, and our day-to-day lives! Join us!