The 2022 Cheru Challenge

Join us on April 2, 2022

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The 2022 Cheru Challenge

Saturday, April 2, 2022


On Saturday, April 2, make your workout count.

Your workout can be about more than reps and fitness, your workout has the potential to save lives! Join thousands of others across the country in the Cheru Challenge to use our functional fitness to provide clean water for thousands of kids all over the world.

Every $50 you raise provides clean water to 1 person. Provide clean water to at least 1 person to participate in the Cheru Challenge created especially for this event.

 The official workout for The Cheru Challenge: 

Did you know that young girls travel an average distance of 6k with heavy (40 lb) jerry cans to get their families water? The Cheru workout will incorporate these same elements and distances to lift this burden from girls like Cheru forever. While this workout is not going to be easy, it is scalable for any fitness level.

"Cheru" (can be done as an individual or partner workout*)
8 rounds for time
600m run
19 jerry can** squats 
25 sit-ups
25 jerry can swings

*If done as a partner workout partner A will run, while partner B completes the squats, sit-ups, and swings. Then the partners will switch. Each person will end up doing 4 rounds each. 
**jerry cans completely full are comparable to a 44# kettlebell, half-full are comparable to a 26# kettlebell. Therefore, kettlebells can be substituted for jerry cans.

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