4 South Sudan

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Mission of 4 South Sudan

To provide clean water, education, health care, and nutrition to the world's most vulnerable people in South Sudan.
You can help Olympic runner Lopez Lomong and others to change lives and bring healing to Southern Sudan.

Through the 4 South Sudan project, World Vision is bringing hope to families who face the realities of poverty and the lingering impact of daily violence.

The Need

In Africa they say, “Water is Life.” 768 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water. It is the number one preventable cause of death in the world. Women and children often walk 6 miles or more each way two to three times a day to gather water that isn’t even safe to drink, water that could kill them. South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, faces many challenges associated with nation building. Over half of the population lives in poverty and most communities lack basic infrastructure. Our goal is to change a generation by creating long term solutions at the local level.

World Vision has the largest privately funded water initiative on the continent of Africa.

Clean water is a problem for which there is a solution. World Vision is one of the leading organizations bringing clean/safe water to communities in a sustainable way. When a community gains access to clean water:


Mission of 4 South Sudan


1. Clean Water

In Africa they say water is Life!  Many women and children walk over 5 miles to fetch water for their families.  This journey puts them at peril of attack or rape, and the water is often contaminated. It only takes $50.00 to provide clean water to a person for life!  Easy access to water and sanitation facilities keeps children healthy and prevents life threatening diseases. By providing safe drinkable water it allows children to go to school instead of trekking miles to the nearest water source.


2. Education

Only 27% of the population can read and only 16% of women can read.  In rural areas these statistics are even lower.  By providing schoolhouses and teachers the young generation can begin to change the country.  With 51% of the population below the age of 18 this will have a major impact on the future of the country.  
In addition we build vocational training centers in local communities that focus on teaching women valuable trades allowing them to support their families.


3. Health Care

Basic education about sanitation can prevent thousands of deaths a year.  From education water purification, to use of mosquito nets and basic medications.  Only a meer 17% of the population has received the vaccinations recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and this is just one of the reasons why the people of South Sudan are among the world's most endangered population for major infectious disease. Malaria is the leading cause of death and illness in South Sudan


4. Nutrition

South Sudan has abundant resources and fertile land.  From oil to precious minerals much of the countries wealth lies beneath the group.  In addition, much of the land is lush and can be cultivated to provide sustenance for the communities. By teaching basic skills of cultivation and water management communities can sustain themselves from their land and build surpluses to protect against natural disaster and drought.