Dear Friend,

UPDATE: We've blasted our goal! You guys are an amazing community! Just because the goal was met doesn't mean we should stop giving. Every additional $50 will continue bringing a LIFETIME of water to real people.


I am training to run a half marathon on October 8, 2017. Yes, I understand this is a crazy idea! However, what’s really mind-boggling is the amount of people within our global communities who do not have access to basic necessities just for maintaining their health.


While you read my page, I want you to think about clean, running water. Consider making a list of where you use water in your daily life. After making your list, you may see that clean, running water is essential for our health and represents more than just a thing that quenches our thirst.


I am fundraising for communities in Africa who do not have access to clean, running water. Would you please consider joining me in this mission?


$50 = Water for LIFE for 1 child.


I know, it is difficult to justify giving to a stranger in another country. You may be thinking:


“Is this money really going to African communities?”


“I don’t have much to give.”


"For $50, I could be buying (insert desired item/service here)."


As a nonprofit worker living in a high cost-of-living area, I had the same reservations. However, I had the honor of hearing the stories from those who work directly with these communities and I am so confident in their work, I have donated the first $50.


If you partner with me today, you will be making an important investment in our global community.


With your donation, you will be creating:


  • New jobs for local villagers to help build and maintain water systems.
  • Chances for a child to receive an education because they will no longer be making hours-long treks to retrieve toxic water.
  • Resources for communities to prevent infectious illnesses.

Thank you for reading and I hope you choose to make a difference today.


Melanie Dair




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