Hi Friends!
I'm excited to be running again with Team World Vision to help provide clean water for communities in Africa. I don't run because I am special or because I have something to prove.  In fact, part of me would like to not run.  Then I remember the children I run for.  They don't have a choice.  

They get up each day and they have to go in search of water....whether they feel like it or not.  When I run, I partner with them on their journey to the water hole.  I sweat.  I get tired. Some days I have to drag myself down the road.  I have a choice. 

I don't have to run so that I have clean water to drink, to flush my toilet, or wash my clothes.  The children in Africa, do not have a choice.  There will be no water if they don't walk the miles needed to fetch water - water that is dirty, often carries disease, or parasites. 

World Vision is providing a new person with clean water every 10 seconds and the funds I raise through this race will help provide clean water to those children.

$50 = clean water for 1 person ... for life! Water changes everything

This year my goal has been to raise $10,000.00 so that 200 people will have a choice - a choice to play, and go to school, and garden, and practice hygiene, and know the hope of Christ because He moved some people across the ocean from them to lace up their running shoes and ask people to join them in changing the world!

Will you invest in the future and provide clean water for 1, 2, 3, or even more people in Africa? We can help change lives, together.

Thanks for your support! 


World Vision provides more clean water than any nongovernment organization in the world. They work with communities around the world to help solve the puzzle of poverty -- providing things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, economic opportunity, and spiritual development.

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