March 18, I'll be running the half marathon for my second year.

I never thought I could run more than 1 mile let alone 13 miles. And I had reservations to sign-up Sept 2016 when Team WV rep came on campus. But by God's grace I was able to push past my doubts and fears. I had committed myself.

On the first day of training with Dan and Musette, as some of you know, I injured my foot. So i rested 4 months without any training to allow it to heal. I was behind schedule even well past the catch up training plan.

Race day was approaching less than 3 weeks, and I planned on winging it. Running all 13 miles without any training.

By God's grace, Musette and Alvin stepped in and offered guidance. They advised logging in as many miles I could, with 1 or 2 days to rest in-between. And over period of 12 days, I ran two, four, seven, and ultimately ten miles.

I could only have done it by the help of God's grace and strength. During that penultimate Saturday at Legg Lake, I prayed to God that should it be His will please provide the strength for my body to complete one more lap for those children in Africa. I could not have done it alone. Praise and glory to God.

The marathon itself and the lead up to it is a journey. From beginning to the finish line. I was so blessed for the experience raising awareness and the fellowship from training and on race day. And I'm excited to see so many run this year and to experience it with them to finish strong.

Our church in partnering with World Vision, I’m writing this to raise awareness for clean water projects for families in Africa.

Water sources are not as convenient to come by as a faucet tap in the US. Children are asked to skip schooling and walk/run upwards of 6 miles one-way in dangerous areas to watering holes or stagnant pools. These water sources are muddy and unsanitary, may have animal excrement and Malaria risk.

The marathon (half/full) symbolize the trek, the journey that these children experience daily to gather water. And so It isn’t about myself nor the accomplishment of running the marathon.

It’s to raise awareness for global impact, support a cause to bring clean water to these families, and offering hope to these children to be back in school and away from danger.

There is no financial obligation. If you feel compelled to donate, then please feel free to do so.  Either donate to team page or any one of the other running members.

Every $50 dollars provides (1) person clean water for life. You are free to donate other denominations i.e: $5, $10, $20, $100,.… There is an option to click box to be ‘Anonymous’ donor

Pic from last year race. Thank you for your time and attention. (:

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