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Jonathan Awenbirim

Jonathan Awenbirim

Boy | 4 years old

Birthday: August 12, 2017

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Kelvin Oniel

Kelvin Oniel

Boy | 10 years old

Birthday: June 22, 2011

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Meshullam Wawire

Meshullam Wawire

Boy | 12 years old

Birthday: July 22, 2009

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Scott Olthoff profile picture

Scott Olthoff

2021 Black Hills Ultra

I'm running with Team World Vision to help find sponsors for precious children in need.

Here's my story...

COVID-19 has caused an increase in global extreme poverty for the first time in 20 years.  It's been estimated that as many as 100 million more people will fall into extreme poverty in 2021.  World Vision is on the frontlines of this issue.  

I've personally experienced the work that World Vision does in eliminating extreme poverty. I've traveled twice to Kenya in the past 10 years, to visit an Area Development Program (ADP). The transformation between visits, just two years apart, was amazing. 

My wife and I have been child sponsors for the past 13 years, and currently sponsor 5 children. We love the kids we sponsor, and are able to correspond with them a few times a year.  

Our family is not currently able to adopt, or foster children within the U.S. World Vision allows us to carry on our family’s desire to reach out to orphans and those struggling with AIDS and extreme poverty around the world. Sponsoring a child changes his or her life, but more importantly, it changes the sponsor.   One of our sponsored kids recently wrote, “It is a miracle to have someone from abroad who stands by and shows good will to support us.  We are happy to be with you to get care and love. Thank you very much.  If my heart could talk, you would surely hear my small heart whispering your love & my appreciations.” Another girl from the Congo asked, “Do you love me?”  These genuine messages, make their world more real to us, and remind us of a deep need, that can only be met with loving generosity. Why would you not consider sponsoring a child? And then get to see their world changed for the better.

Our "Team World Vision" team's goal is to find sponsors for 1,500 kids around the world, by the time the race takes place on June 26, 2021. Struggling through training together, and encouraging one another to break through that sponsorship goal, is why I’m running the 2021 Black Hills Ultra Marathon with "Team World Vision."