Hey friends,

I am super excited to be running in the World Vision Global 6K for Water! In May 2021, I will be joining thousands of others around the globe to run 6k and provide clean water to children in communities around the world. 

I would love for you to either register for the Global 6K alongside me or make a donation to my fundraising page because this year is especially meaningful.

I now know the sting of my child dying - a reality I never thought I’d experience, but one I’ve often thought about in my work at World Vision. Bennett has changed how I think about the kids and the moms that benefit through this work. 

Did you know that daily, 1,000 kids under 5 die from diseases related to unclean water? 1,000! My heart is broken for these mamas. For the grief they will endure. For the road ahead they will walk because their baby died - and not like my son, after every attempt made to save his life, no...from something as simple as lack of access to clean water. 💔

So while I will walk the 6k because it is SO fun, I walk it more because it takes that walk away from another and provides life saving clean water. Something so simple that I take for granted every day can literally change the future of families and whole communities for good! 

Would you join me and help give the beautiful gift of clean water today? 💧I’ve got a goal of $7,100 this year in honor of Bennett’s life (born 7/10) and would so appreciate you joining me in honoring him by giving so others can live!

**UPDATE - thanks to a generous donor, I hit my goal of $7,100 earlier than I thought! So I've bumped it up to $10,000. 

Thanks for your support!

World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.