Total Sponsored: 8 children Sponsorship Goal: 18 children
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Scot Gillan

2021 Rim to Rim

I'm hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim with Team World Vision to help find sponsors for children in need.

Here's my story...

In 2012, Meagan and I made the decision to sponsor a little girl in DR Congo through Covenant Kids Congo, the Evangelical Covenant Church’s unique partnership with World Vision. Our relationship with Justine and her family has been the source of great joy and blessing. We’ve corresponded with her through the years, and both of us have had the privilege of visiting her and her family in their home. Our connection with Justine’s mother and father has felt warm and gracious.
When I visited I met Justine’s baby brother, Scot, named for me! He cuddled on my shoulder as I presented gifts, talked with the family, and walked the neighborhood. There, I saw a new well, providing fresh, clean water for hundreds of families. I saw a bright new school providing educational opportunity for many hundreds of children, including Justine and her nine brothers and sisters. I saw hope springing up in the eyes of so many.

I learned that Henriette, Justine’s mother, is part of a women’s saving group that is providing new opportunities for financial security. All these life-changing developments happened because of the thousands of people who entered into the adventure of sponsorship, just like Meagan and I did.
We are excited that World Vision has just opened up a whole new area development program in the city of Karawa, where Covenant mission began 84 years ago. Local Congolese World Vision workers have registered several hundred kids there, who are now waiting for sponsors to engage with them through correspondence, prayer, and email. 

So, I’m inviting you to join Meagan and me on this adventure of child sponsorship, and to make a difference in the life of a child, and, more broadly, a neighborhood in great need. When you click the link below, you can meet several children in Karawa waiting to be sponsored. We hope you will do it without hesitation. $39 a month is a small price to pay for the well-being of people so dearly loved by God.

Sponsor a child from Karawa, DRC now

Learn more about the needs and World Vision's work in Karawa, DRC

Thanks and Blessings!