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2017 TCS New York City Marathon

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Hello friends and family, (and other random strangers who have found their way here most likely via some form of social media)


You are all very welcome! This is my fundraiser page for the 2017 New York marathon!! Aaaaarghhhhh. Thats right I am running a marathon. I am incredibly excited and ridicuslouy petrified all at the same time.


Let me start off by saying that I feel priviledged that God can use me, and the process I am going through in overcoming some of my own personal battles, for a bigger kingdom purpose. I am able to put on running shoes and train for a marathon, I am able to ask people for their donations, I am able to do many things that the children World Vision support cannot do. I am honored to do something bigger then myself to help change the world.


So allow me to tell you a little bit more about myself, but first here is the important information about the marathon . . . 


DATE: 5th November 2017

GOAL: $10,000 ($3,000 to be raised by 1 Aug to secure place in marathon)


DISTANCE: 26.2 miles



I have never ran a marathon before or entered any running events of any kind in fact, so you may be wondering why I am running the New York marathon with World Vision?



Why run the New York Marathon?


Well I have a few reasons . . . to begin, I need to explain why I am running a marathon in the first place.


I have had a long term love hate relationship with exercise. Over the years exercise has hurt me emotionally and physically and its time, once and for all, to get to grips with this beast. To figure out how it fits in to my life and how it is a part of who I am, for the good and the bad. I will spare you the over emotional, unnecessary details and simply say, that like many women, exercise has been an ongoing battle for me, a complicated entangled web of self loathing, guilt, shame, low self esteem, and a non-existent sense of self worth. 


Four years ago God began a journey in me that is completely altering my life. Many things have changed and I have already come a long way with the struggles I face with exercise, but the battle isn't over yet and running this marathon is the next phase of the journey.



Why run for World Vision?


Over the years God has given me an interest and passion towards victims of human trafficking. I already support other charitites fighting to end the injustice of human trafficking so when I found out that World Vision are partnering with the New York Marathon to raise funds to aid their work in the prevention of child trafficking I knew this was the cause I wanted to support.



What happens next?


I have already begun my training and so far so good. I have a long way to go but I am praying and hoping that with each training run I will get stronger and fitter. 


I am writing about this journey, documenting my runs and sharing my thoughts on exercise over on my blog Eat Pray Run. I would love it if you checked it out and shared it with your friends and family.


Over the coming weeks and months I will be doing a number of different fundraising events, challenges and maybe even some exclusive products in my Etsy shop. The best way to keep track of what I am doing is to follow me on social media.





This is the place to donate so please be generous and remember I can only go to the marathon if I raise $3000 by the 1st August but most importantly know that every penny donated goes to a fantastic cause. You have the power to make a difference in peoples lives, not only does it mean the world to me that you would support me and part with your hard earned cash, but you are also changing the lives of young children all over the world. They need your help and World Vision can't do this without you.


Thank you again for your support and encouragement.


God Bless,






You can find out more about World Vision below and the specifics of the work they are doing to protect vunerable children.



World Vision works alongside hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies to ensure that child protection is a priority by encouraging groups to raise awareness and advocate for child rights and protection.

World Vision focuses on the children who are most vulnerable — those who have been orphaned, who live on the street, and who are not in school. We educate them about what trafficking is, and the techniques that abusers use to lure children. Empowering these vulnerable children to access quality education, while meeting immediate needs such as food and housing, can make all the difference for preventing child exploitation.

Team World Vision

Our Impact: Child Protection