Climb High - Dig Deep!

Colorado where I live is mainly defined (topographically) by two things: Mountains and Rivers.

One reaches to the skies - Colorado has more 14 thousand foot peaks than any other state in the U.S.

The other digs deep into the terrain - our rivers, bringing vital water to Colorado and surrounding states. Both to fill the water tables below and irrigate farms and ranches above. 

You can't have one without the other. One defines the other. But not everywhere on this beautiful planet is blessed with such abundant water. It takes work to find and move it to where it needs to go.

That is why I am raising money with Team World Vision to find and source clean water in Rwanda again. I've worked with the amazing Team World Vision to do the exact same thing, but now I am doing something different in 2017: Hiking.

Summitting a 14er is not easy. To get there, one must train and acclimate and on hike day, dig deep into the places of the mind and body to reach a peak above 14,000 feet. So far, I have reached 20 summits and found the achievement of getting to the tops of those mountains one of the most difficult, satisfying and fulfilling experiences I know, even after two seasons of running for TWV and clean water!

For the summer hiking season, my plan is to reach seven summits here in Colorado. I invite you to journey with me, either in sponsoring my hiking or even coming along! Email me at if you'd like to talk about joining me on the trail this summer.  

If you're wondering:

A pair of sandals or shoes. Your favorite jacket.

Why spend money on things, when you can spend yourself to help save lives? Please prayerfully consider helping those who cannot help themselves get the life-saving clean water they need. 

Meanwhile, see what World Vision is doing with clean water here and general information about their worldwide ministry here.

Climb High - Dig Deep!