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2020 Global 6K for Water

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DATE: Saturday, May 16, 2020  (9 am for River's Edge team simultaneous start; or whenever you can)

THIS SPRING, CHANGE A LIFE. Join thousands of people around the world in a mission to bring life-changing clean water and fullness of life to children and their communities.

Run or walk with us in the World Vision Global 6K for Water!

Why 6K?  This is the average distance that children in many communities currently must walk each day to get water, often from an unsanitary source.  Your registration will provide access to clean water for one such child.  

Virtual Event!  Due to Social Distancing concerns, this event has gone virtual!  Everyone will walk/run their 6K on their own or with their immediate family.  Our River's Edge team will share photos/videos of our 6K in real time using #WV6KRiversEdge2020 on Instagram.  We're all in this together - just racing/walking separately!  

Registration Fee:  $50 adult / $25 child  Each adult registration will provide one person with clean water!  (you can also use promocode empowermoms for $10 off)

You will also receive an event t-shirt (with cool color-change feature), race bib with the photo of a child to race for, and finisher's medal.  Note:  the cost of the swag does not come out of your registration fee - the entire fee goes to providing clean water!

Certainly, the global pandemic has made us all even more aware of the importance of clean water for hand-washing and disease prevention.  We hope you will join us in this event/fundraiser so that others may have clean water.   


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