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2020 Global 6K for Water

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DATE: Saturday, May 16, 2020
TIME:  Pre-6k Zoom Pep Rally at 8:30am / 6K begins whenever you want
LOCATION: Wherever you can do it while maintaining social distancing practices

We are so excited to be hosting the World Vision Global 6K for Water this year for the first time ever! Yes, it is still happening but it has gone virtual!

On May 16th, change a life. Join with others around the world—right from your own home or neighborhood—to walk or run 6K. No matter where or how you move your feet—in your house, at a park, or through your neighborhood, you’ll change lives by bringing clean water to those who need it most.

All are welcome! Walk, run, or push a stroller with us at the World Vision Global 6K for Water. Every $50 registration fee will provide clean water for one person through World Vision water projects. These projects provide clean water to drink, wash hands, and so much more!

Once you sign up, keep an eye out for your race kit in the mail as well as team email updates.

World Vision Water

Every day, nearly 1,000 children under 5 die from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practices.

Clean water is essential to hygiene, and handwashing is critical in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

World Vision is bringing clean water to one new person every 10 seconds—and we’re committed to bringing it to everyone, everywhere we work by 2030. Because every child deserves safe water—not just to drink, but to keep themselves clean and healthy.

Our Channels of Hope program equips faith leaders to engage their communities for lasting change— making them effective responders to epidemics like COVID-19. These leaders are now actively combating fear, stigma, and misinformation, and encouraging behaviors like handwashing with clean water to slow the spread of disease.


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