I'm running with Team World Vision to help find sponsors for precious children in need.

Here's my story...

If you know me, you know some things about me. You know that I love children - ALL CHILDREN, you know that injustice and inequity break my heart, and you know that I don’t like to do anything half-way.  Even as Chris and I are investing locally and planting a new faith community in Houston, we believe we need to live out our faith in a global way as well.

So, I’ve taken on another BIG challenge and I want to invite you into it with me. 

This September, I've been invited to join the Team World Vision Legacy team and run in the BERLIN MARATHON!

There are so many awesome and humbling things about this. There are only 50 of us running and I can’t believe I was included,  but the most AWESOME thing is that we will be running for individual kids!

Specifically, I will be running for the 20 kids I find sponsors for and I want you to be one of those sponsors!

Sponsoring a specific child is a fantastic and life changing thing - for that child and for you. I could write pages and pages about what sponsorship means and how it transforms everyone involved but here is a snap shot of why Chris and I sponsor four kids. 

Three of our sponsored kids live in the same region in Ethiopia that our son Desmond came from and our newest one, Cj Shon, lives in the Philippines.  

We have sponsored Misigan the longest. She is the same age as our daughter Dylan and it has been an amazing honor to watch her grow over the last nine years through photos and videos and to see her community growing and thriving each year.  In one of her videos she sang a song, just like Dylan would, and I just sat there and cried, and smiled, and cried. What a gift.

Really, it’s a very simple concept. When we take our theoretical value for the life of every child and we connect that value to a living breathing person, we find we can change the world.  

We believe that no child should go hungry. No child should get sick from dirty water. No child should die from a preventable disease. No child should suffer abuse or exploitation. Every child, no matter where they were born, has the right to be healthy. Every child has the right to go to school. Every child has the right to make choices about their life. And every child deserves to joyfully reach for their God-given potential.

We can’t do everything, but we can do something.  We want to embrace a WORLD Vision. By becoming a Child Sponsor, we are part of of a team that is doing everything in it's power to protect children and to help them improve their lives.

I can give you tons more information on my web page about how it all works and why World Vision is so effective in community development, but what I want to ask you today is

will you join my team and sponsor a child?

You can click here on my special sponsorship page and choose a child from around the globe.  

Sponsorship is $39 per month or less than $1.30 a day. 

Will you join my team?

I need 20 people to step up and say yes.  Just 20.

Those 20 people will change the lives of hundreds with me and I will RUN in Berlin for our kids!!!

P.S. - if you already sponsor a child, will you consider sponsoring another one?

Click here to get connected to my team!