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Girl | 9 years old

Birthday: October 14, 2009

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Boy | 9 years old

Birthday: November 01, 2009

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Girl | 8 years old
Sierra Leone

Birthday: March 27, 2011

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Friends!!! I'm climbing Kilimanjaro with Team World Vision to help find sponsors for children in need! Will you support me by partnering with World Vision and the work they are doing around the world to bring health and healing to global poverty?? 

The issues of poverty are BIG and overwhelming, but it starts with people like you and me willing to take one step to do something. Will you sponsor a child?

If you are ready to sponsor a child now please just click HERE! Thank You!! You are making an impact!!

Do you want to learn more about my WHY??  

Here is my story...

This opportunity to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and find sponsors for children with World Vision are both very personal for me. I feel so honored and excited to do both!! 

World Vision has been a part of me and my family's journey for over 10 years and I wouldn't choose any other organization to work with!!!

Early in my twenties (yes that's over 15 years ago ;-) I had the opportunity to go trekking in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal...this trip forever changed me. It deepened my love for the mountains, other cultures, and brought an awareness to to me about the issues of global poverty.

It was after this trip a few things happened. First I created a bucket list of Mountains I wanted to hike/climb (Kilimanjaro being on the top of that list) and I began a journey of learning more about global poverty. 

A few years later I was introduced to World Vision and started learning about their work around the world and with global poverty. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the problem, I started to see how I could make an impact on helping heal poverty around the world. 

Eventually, I started working with Team World Vision in their running program, and I had an inside view of their work and their impact...this continued to fan the flame of passion to make a difference by bringing healing to people in unjust circumstances.  It was during this time, through working with World Vision and learning more about the impact of poverty and how it leaves so many vulnerable children abandoned or orphaned, my husband and I felt led to adopt from Africa. 

We went through a 4 year long process of adoption. It was a long and hard journey that ended with  my husband making three trips to Uganda while I lived there for over two months with our two children, Evan and Joshua. Check out some of our pictures of Joshua and our time in Uganda!

It was during this time living in Uganda that I had a first hand look at the real issues of poverty.  The lack of clean drinking water, sanitation and simple resources effects children, families and entire communities.  

Friends, the problems are so overwhelming and often times we don't know what to do, so we end up doing nothing.

That is why I am so grateful for World Vision! World Vision makes it so easy for someone like me and you to do something about it--to make an impact on poverty by bringing sustainable health!!!  

When we returned back to the US with our son Joshua, he we went through a series of tests to make sure he didn't have any unknown diseases or parasites. We discovered that he had a parasite in his gut from unclean water. 

Thankfully, it only took a few weeks of medication to get rid of the parasite in his gut. He was ok and his distended belly from that parasite and from his malnourishment went away within a few months of being home. Friends, the trauma of poverty has had a lasting impact on our son (physically, mentally and emotionally) and our family. As a family we are good, we are helping Joshua heal, we are healing. But, there are so many out there still in poverty, still in constant trauma. We can help them heal.

This is WHY I am doing this--I have seen and experienced the effects of poverty and through World Vision there IS something we all can DO to help bring healing and hope!!!! 

I invite you to help by sponsoring a child with World Vision, so you can be part of helping tackle the root problems of poverty in communities like the one our son was from, bringing health and healing to them. 

Will you join me? Will you sponsor a child with me? Will you join my journey over the next 9 months as I train, share my story to find sponsors for children and trek this mountain? 



I need your help, I can't do this alone. I don't want to do it alone. I would love to answer your questions, I would love to connect with you more and share more of my story and passion with you! 

I am so very grateful for you. Grateful for your willingness to learn and help. The problems are big, but together we can help heal! 


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