I've been running for a while now, and we've all been donating towards clean water projects.  So why am I asking about sponsorship? Isn't the $50 enough?  That's such a tough question to answer. YES, that $50 donation was HUGE and does great work for clean water projects.  And that $50 goes such a long way (way further than it could in the US).  Sponsorship is like giving your $50 donation super powers and it allows for so much work to be done.  Thru sponsorship you create clean water projects AND build hospitals AND sanitation stations AND build schools AND help create sustainable infrastructure to dying communities.  I've. been out to some remote regions in the Congo. Some "hospitals" are literally 1-2 room huts that may or may not have a floor. Even the biggest hospital that I visited did not have any medicine. I'll say that again. I visited a hospital that had no medicine.  Imagine that (or just look at this picture i took in 2017).

When you sponsor a child, you are pumping life into those communities and really giving kids a chance at life.  It all starts with water, but lets not just leave it there. Let's walk a bit further with our fellow humans around the world. 



to donate goto http://bit.ly/rickey2tokyo 


As a side note, sponsorship is really cool and easy these days.  It's easier to talk to your child, and they really do communicate back with you.  I have 4 sponsor kids and Lord willing, I'll sponsor some more.  Join me and lets do this together.