Running is not easy for me.  About 5 steps in, I feel some sort of ache from at least one of a possible 20 places.  I run with über close by my fingertips because I feel like giving up many many times.  Every step feels like a chore and it sucks.  And now is the part of the story where I'm supposed to tell you about kids in Africa and their daily struggle to find water and how there are people walking over 12k daily just to get dirty water. And I'm supposed to make some connection between my pain and theirs.  BUT I'M NOT GONNA DO THAT!!  My pain is my pain, and I want that pain to end.  And the best way for us to do that is to Sponsor kids, and to donate to provide clean water to kids and communities in Africa.  Sponsoring a kid provides so much more than just the water. It provides healthcare and schools and gives kids a fighting chance.  Also sponsorship dollars go further than the regular donations.  I can't stop running until we get all these kids access to clean water.  When I started this running in 2015, Carolyn and I were already sponsoring (passively) a child.  Since 2015 I've really learned what sponsorship is and what it can do.  Currently, we sponsor 4 kids. This is big. We can end the water crisis in our lifetime. We can end it by 2030!!   I WANT TO STOP RUNNING IN 2030!! Let's Sponsor some kids and get this done.

As for incentives, here we go. A $50 or more donation will get you an invite to the BEST FRIED CHICKEN PARTY IN LOS ANGELES!!  This is my mom's secret recipe and if we're lucky I can even ask my mom to come and cook for that party. 

If we get 60 or more kids sponsored, those sponsors will decide the fate of my hair. They will decide if i CUT MY HAIR, or KEEP MY HAIR.  I haven’t cut my hair since my high school graduation.  But for these kids, I’m willing to go all out! Also, if we hit the monetary goal, you might be the person cutting my hair.  Now, it’s up to you. Sponsor a child and donate!!



to Sponsor a child goto http://bit.ly/rickey2tokyo2