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Boy | 14 years old

Birthday: February 29, 2008

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Girl | 6 years old
Dominican Republic

Birthday: October 16, 2016

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Boy | 2 years old

Birthday: February 17, 2020

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Amanda Trombley

2022 New York City Marathon

I'm running with Team World Vision to help find sponsors for precious children in need.

Here's my story...

Most of my life I have felt like my body was too weak to be useful. I was never the strongest, fastest, most athletic person. I was picked last for sports teams, stressed out about PE almost every class, and tried to ignore my physical needs for most of my life and live in my head. Motherhood changed that for me. It demanded I paid attention to the crazy amazing things my body could do. It also made me feel even more connected to the needs of those around me.

I started running about a year after I had my second baby. When I started, I trained months for a 5k and every distance longer felt impossible, but I had a few mom friends running with Team World Vision and I felt called to join them the next year. I heard the stories of women and children walking miles for clean water, often multiple times a day and wanted to be a part of changing that. Having just suffered from dehydration from the constant nausea and illness my second pregnancy gave me, followed by a year of desperately trying to hydrate enough to nurse my little girl, the plight for clean water resonated with me and I felt deeply called to help others gain access to clean water.  I singed up to do a half marathon, which felt impossible. Then, I took two years off to have another baby and nurse her full time, then joined the team again after my first born asked me when I was going to get more kids clean water and I was reminded not only of my passion for this cause, but that my kids are watching, even when it doesn't feel like they notice or make faces when I leave for training runs.

So now I have said yes to what feels impossible once more. I swore when I started running that I would NEVER do a marathon. But if I was ever going to do one, working with World Vision would be my reason WHY that could get me through the grueling training necessary, and when something seems this scary and exciting all at once, I've learned that's usually God leading somewhere interesting. 

Child sponsorship takes my passion for providing vulnerable populations with clean water, and expands that to include medical care, nutrition, education, and other strategies to raise communities out of poverty. (This is why I am running this very intimidating new distance when truth be told, I think my running sweet spot is a 10k.) Will you join me in bringing life changing opportunities to these families? I am still not the fastest, not the strongest, not the most athletic. But I can put one foot in front of the other on behalf of these kids and to honor those of you who sponsor them. You can sponsor a child listed on my page, search for a child to sponsor by location or birth date, or allow a child to choose YOU as their sponsor through the beautiful Chosen program. Thank you for your support!