Have you ever had one of those "Am I crazy for doing this," moments? 

A few weeks ago, our church announced that they were partnering with World Vision to help bring clean water to Rajasthan, India. That sounded amazing, and I wanted to get involved.


There was a catch - to join this effort, I also had to join the Willow Creek/ World Vision Marathon Team.

That's right, I'm joining the team to run the 2022 Chicago Marathon. The race is exactly 21 weeks from right now, as I write this. Am I crazy?

No. I'm not. As some of you know, in my mid 20's I was a runner, until I got hurt during training. It's been a long road to get to this point, but I decided that it was finally time to take the plunge and get back into running. 

I'm tired of feeling old, and fat, and slow and tired, and now, I have made an external commitment that I just can't break. If 20 weeks of work will help provide water for life, it's a worthy sacrifice. Along the way, I'm going to get to prove to myself that I have as much mental fortitude as I've always believed, AND, I get to prove to my kids that with enough hard work and dedication, there is no goal that can't be achieved. 

This race is going to be a life changing experience- for me, but ultimately for the 50 people that I hope to support through this race. My goal is to raise $2000, which will provided water to 50 people. If you are interested in joining me in this adventure, there is no donation that is too small, because even a few dollars goes a long way to helping bring clean water to people in dire need. Please read on to learn the details of this event, and ways in which you, too, can help change lives forever.

More than 800 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. But we believe the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved within our lifetimes. 

$50 = clean water for 1 person

Will you invest in the future and provide clean water for 1, 2, 3, or even more people?



Help me increase my impact by sponsoring a child! Child sponsorship and clean water funding work hand in hand to address the needs of a community. Choose a child to sponsor or allow a child to choose you using the links below. Be sure to let me know if you sponsor a child so that I can celebrate the start of this awesome journey with you!

*Keep a note of your sponsored child's first name (if available) and your order number to send back to the TWV participant you are supporting.


World Vision provides more clean water than any nongovernment organization in the world, providing clean water to one new person every 10 seconds. They work to help communities lift themselves out of poverty for good by addressing issues around clean water, hunger, health, education, economic empowerment, and child protection. About World Vision