Amy Lippert $25.00 • October 29, 2017 I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished! Timing is NOT why you were out there. You were there for the kids. God was with you and helped you!
Anonymous $100.00 • October 28, 2017
Kelly Jenson $30.00 • October 28, 2017 Sandra-amazing finish. Well done!
Jackie Kennedy $50.00 • October 28, 2017
Daniel Lukas $50.00 • October 28, 2017
Anonymous $50.00 • October 28, 2017
Kelsey Galiano October 28, 2017 Way to go, Sandra! You are an inspiration! Thank you for coming alongside me this season; may you experience His presence alongside you on the course today. So many steps that will not have to be taken in suffering any more by sweet children like your own, because you are bearing them today ❤️
Daniel Lukas $50.00 • October 28, 2017 for loop2! you got this!!! keep going!!!
Daniel Lukas $50.00 • October 28, 2017 Each lap = a donation! Get it!
Anonymous $50.00 • October 27, 2017
Anonymous $20.00 • October 27, 2017
Roger Fossum October 27, 2017 Sandra - your example of commitment, persistence, and generosity has changed so many lives, not only in Africa, but here in this city! Godspeed to you on Saturday - I will be there in spirit, cheering on the #shero!
Melinda Goedeke October 27, 2017
Christin & Josh October 26, 2017 Race day is almost here! You have put in so much work and you are READY to become an ultramom! Congratulations on how much you have already achieved and the hundreds of lives that you have helped change. We will be praying for you on Saturday.
Jayne Sommers $50.00 • October 26, 2017 I’m in total awe of you!! Can’t wait to hear about how the race goes!! You will be great. You’ve worked so hard and so selflessly. #shero
The McDonalds $25.00 • October 25, 2017 Good luck Sandra!!
Krissy Ganz $200.00 • October 25, 2017 You amaze and inspire me! Don’t ever let what you perceive as disappointment to bring you down - God is using you in a HUGE way to share His love. Keep doing what you’re doing, as I know God has even greater things in store for you, my friend. ??????
Anonymous $100.00 • October 25, 2017
Scott Stauffacher October 24, 2017 You've got this. Way to keep going and going and going.
The Csargo's $250.00 • October 22, 2017